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Water Treatment

"John's recommendations make caring for our pool a breeze. I am left with time to actually enjoy our pool.Take my advice, call John!"
                                           Deanna Mahler Egan

While there are many treatment options available today, only a few really do the job well. With all the products on the market, the best solution for sanitzing your pool water is still chlorine. No matter how it is introduced to your pool, it is the best product on the market today. Discount store chlorine is of a lesser quality and results in using more product along with the "other inert ingrediants" these bargain chemicals contain.

Pool store chlorine is more concentrated and will save you money in the long run. You can use chlorine in a liquid, granular or a tablet form. You can also use a "generator" such as a salt water system to create chlorine. Ozone generators, chlorine, PH-Up, Bromine...Action Pool sells them all. Call John to discuss the needs of your pool sanitization.

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